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  • He oversees all patient operations
    and is board certified in spinal cord injuries
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Check out our expert services.

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Auto Accidents

After evaluating auto accident injuries, we are fully equipped to treat all of your therapy needs on-site.

Slip & Fall

We work closely with our patients along the recovery path.

Back Injury / Neck Injury

Dr. Tadros is Board Certified in spinal cord injury medicine.

Internal Medicine

Dr. Tadros has over 20 years of experience in practicing Internal Medicine and is board certified in Internal Medicine.

Physical Therapy

All physical therapy done under supervision of Dr. Tadros, in our fully equipped facility.

Back & Neck Injection

Dr. Tadros is certified by the American Academy of Pain Management.

Weight Loss

Based on individuals needs and health limitations, a personalized program is developed to aid in weight loss.

Opioid Detox Therapy

Addiction Therapy and Detox Assistance


Alleviating neck, shoulder, and low back discomfort

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Assessments, MMJ Exam, and MMJ Recommendations

St. George Spinal Clinic

St George Spinal Clinic is dedicated to treating South Florida’s long and short-term spinal injuries. In addition to treating injuries, Dr. Tadros is able to moderate patients' discomfort. Dr. Tadros gained his experience and compassion for patient’s suffering with spinal injuries from working in the V.A. for many years. St. George Spinal Clinic is family owned & operated and is serving South Florida with a dedication to patients' unique individual needs.

Our Opioid Detox Treatment